#composities #enlightenment


Bass Clarinet & live electronics (± 4 min)


Download Enlightenment-TomCollier-SampleScore.pdf



Enlightenment is written for Bass Clarinet and live electronics and is inspired by the quote: "Everything is shown up by being exposed to the light and whatever is exposed to light itself becomes light" Eckhart Tolle - The power of now.



Enlightenment connects two spheres, on the one hand you have the ever-thinking human, with repetitive thought patterns, symbolized by darkness and shadow. On the other hand, you have the enlightened one symbolized by light. Throughout the work, the light slowly takes over the darkness. The live electronics amplify these two atmospheres. The thinker is amplified with distortion and the enlightened one with a spherical delay.


The piece works with 2 scores: score 1 for the bassclarinet, score 2 for light and Ableton Live effects.


Premiered saturday 15 july 2017 by Peter Merckx HERMESensemble - SoundMine 2017. #facebookevent concert