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Herfstkleuren (Autumn colours) - 3 pieces for Clarinet Bb solo.

Duration ± 8 min. Difficulty grade 5.


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Autumn colours is the first work from the solo collection. The first part describes the whimsical and unpredictable nature of autumn and the ever-changing colours. During the second fast part we can see the wind, dancing with the leaves that slowly fall from the trees... The inspiration for the last piece is a ray of light, broken by two beautifully coloured autumn leaves, glowing in the evening sun...


Recording Herfstkleuren I 0'00-0'40, deel II 0'41-0'53 by Kevin Casteleyn.



The thematic material for the first part arised and was refined during the lessons improvisation techniques at the ‘Royal Conservatory of Antwerp’ (‘K. Conservatorium van Antwerpen’). I wish to thank Paul Dinneweth for his inspiration feedback.


Autumn colours is dedicated to Eddy Vanoosthuyse, principal clarinet Brussels Philharmonic, professor University College Ghent, School of Arts, Royal Conservatory & professor Royal Conservatory Liège. The piece was premiered in november 2016 by Frederic Cardoso Porto from Portugal at the ‘Royal Conservatory of Antwerp’ (‘K. Conservatorium van Antwerpen’).


On Friday the first of December 2017, Autumn Colours was awarded together with Iphis (i.e. solo work for contrabassoon) with a silver medal ‘PRICE for MUSIC 2017 - Province of West Flanders’ (‘PRIJS voor MUZIEK 2017 provincie West-Vlaanderen’).


Photography www.pieterclicteur.be