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Iphis - 5 pieces for contra bassoon dedicated to Hélène Elst
Duration ± 8 min. Difficulty grade 5.


Download Iphis-TomCollier-SampleScore.pdf.


Available in PDF-format (€11).


When we are faced with loss, there are a number of phases that we go through during processing. Although Elisabeth Kübler-Ross focused on dying counseling, these 5 phases are recognizable in any emotional response to personal trauma or change.

The work Iphis is a musical expression of denial in part I to anger (II), from (III) negotiation to grief and depression (IV), finally with acceptance (V). Let be is not the same as forgetting ...


Premiere by Hélène Elst at the K. Conservatory in Antwerp.



Recording 0'00 to 1'00 Iphis I, 1'00 to 1'33 Iphis III by Hélène Elst.

Iphis is dedicated to Hélène Elst, the piece was premiered in march 2018 by Hélène Elst at the ‘Royal Conservatory of Antwerp’ (‘K. Conservatorium van Antwerpen’).

On Friday the first of December 2017, Autumn Colours was awarded together with Iphis (i.e. solo work for contrabassoon) with a silver medal ‘PRICE for MUSIC 2017 - Province of West Flanders’ (‘PRIJS voor MUZIEK 2017 provincie West-Vlaanderen’).