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Lentebloesems (Spring blossoms) are two pieces for Flute C solo.

Duration ± 6 min, difficulty grade 6.


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Spring blossoms is the third work in the collection of solo works. The first rather fast part, describes the power of spring awakening, as an irrepressible exploding power… this part moves in a perpetuum mobile, every time departing from a new tonal centre, building up towards the abrupt end.

After this, the second part zooms in on a beautiful delicate blossom that slowly opens and closes. The opening of the flower is in Golden Ratio with the closing of the flower as in 1 to 0.618. An intensified character musically translates the opening of the flower. The retrograde represents the closing of the flower and lies down slowly.



The composition had its premiere in May 2019 with Ine Vanoeveren, Assistant Professor Contemporary Flute at the Royal Conservatoire of Liège (Conservatoire Royal de Liège), Artistic Researcher and Chair Research Group ‘CREATION’ at the Royal Conservatoire of Antwerp, Belgium. Spring Blossoms is dedicated to Ine Vanoeveren as a sign of appreciation for her inspiring suggestions on the preparation of the premiere of the final exam of composition Master 2.

A word of thanks for flutist Ilse Vromans, for her testing of the multiphonics in the early composition process.


Photography www.pieterclicteur.be