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Mixed choir & Double reed ensemble: Soprano (div), Alto, Tenor, Bass, Mussette, Oboe, Oboe d'Amore, English Horn, Bariton Hobo, Bassoon (2), Contrabassoon

Duration ± 5 min.


Download Light-TomCollier-SampleScore.pdf.


# Light for Mixed choir & Double reed ensemble (€44) and


# Light for Mixed choir & Organ (€ 33).


Light - based on David Taylor's poem 'Light is' - is premiered Saterday 9 december 2017 at 20u00 St. Egidiuskerk, Sint-Gillis-Waas & Sunday 10 december 2017 15u30 Onze-Lieve-Vrouwekerk, Melsele by the Choirs Cantagilli and Melos conducted by Luc Martens with ensemble ADoReE with Luk Nielandt.



Light is the breaking of dawn

Light is the load when you are just born

Light is a heart that's open and free

Light is a place where truth you can see


Light is a feeling that's good

Light is when everything's clear, understood

Light is what warms and what feeds

Light is not having any more needs


Light is a magical feeling inside

Light is the side of the street to reside

Light is always and always will be

Light is what joins us, you and me